REVIEW: You Me At Six Bring a Strong Set With Their 'Back Again' Tour

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Photo by: Barbara Witherow

UK rock band, You Me At Six blew through Columbus OH, on Feb 28 with their ‘Back Again Tour,’ at A&R Music Bar.

The tour is in support of the band’s recently released record , IV, an album full of powerhouse rock tracks that are impossible to forget.

A&R Music Bar is a small, intimate venue. The crowd packed together anxiously awaiting their set to begin.

As the band hit the stage, they ooze confidence, they’re resilient and perform with ecstatic energy. Lead vocalist, Josh Franceschi, exudes a bold emotion as he hops up on a platform, nonchalantly appearing to be chewing gum.

The band glides down their set-list, playing tracks such as anthem, “Reckless,” and uniting voices throughout the venue dramatically during the intro of “Loverboy.”

They take their time to slow down their set with heartfelt “Give,” before picking up the tempo back up.

Photos by: Barbara Witherow

YMAS worked with the cramped space of a stage that they had flawlessly. Playing tracks off their new record while animating their lyrics and embodying a loud crisp sound while diving into songs such as “ I O U” and “Predictable.”

The crowd launches into a dance party as they play “3AM,” and keeps their energy up.

Ymas interaction with the audience seems genuine and not just for show, they close out their set with “Underdog,” strong and vigorous. Leaving the crowd wanting more.

If this tour hits your city don’t miss it, it’s a memorable energetic performance. Don’t forget to check out our review of the band’s newest record, IV.

Be sure to check out our review of the record now, and let us know which dates of this tour you'll be attending.