Wishing Sum 41's 'Underclass Hero' a happy 14th anniversary

Photo credit: Amazon.com

Last week, July 18, was the birthday of our favorite Sum 41 record, Underclass Hero.

Stumbling upon this record as a junior in high school, a "Walking Disaster" robot managed to march it's way across young music fans Yahoo! music screen, and into the hearts of many.

At the time, there wasn't really a relatable song on this record from the perspective of the 16-year-old girl that pumped it through her speakers as she was quite frankly, faking her way through science and math classes. However, it hit home in a different and inviting way.

The 14 song LP swings in with title track "Underclass Hero" having a way of tying familiarity from previous records met with a replenished, crisp sound.

Gradually showcasing this new era of the band, "Walking Disaster" displays subtle yet pivoting dynamics, pulling at heartstrings within its visual. The track is an anthem among many Sum 41 staples.

Among the record is stand out moments like "The Jester." Producing echoing laughter, hints of acoustic and a chorus that chucks along. This song's elements punch through with flourishing vocals in lines like "Deadbeat, six feet, dead underground/An eye for an eye only leaves us all blind going once, twice, there goes your life" strung together leaving an everlasting impression on listeners.

Another skin-chilling track, "Pull The Curtain" parades a fluctuation of sounds highlighting dramatics in the words "Living dead awake, the horror show begins/So pull the curtains over me" sending fans into a frenzy as the track explodes into flawless amounts of chaos.

Underclass Hero closes out on "So Long Goodbye," a string-driven slower note. The track is a graceful way to end a fast-paced jam-packed album.

Be sure to listen to the whole record and reminisce with us.