What you missed on The Faim and Stand Atlantic's co-headlining tour

Credit: Carly Stuber

The Faim played a co-headlining show with Stand Atlantic at The Phantasy in Cleveland, OH, on Oct. 2. The bands brought Hold Close and WSTR along as support.

Hold Close hit the stage first, the band put on a very calm and serene show. Each song smoothly sinks into the next. Tracks such as “Cloud9” and “Breathe,” made it obvious that the crowd were no strangers to HC's music and they kept a steady stage presence.

Following Hold Close came WSTR, who pulls no punches when entering the stage, commanding attention from the crowd as they launch into their set with “Footprints.” The band also incorporated their bold new track “Filthy” which paired nicely with older tracks such as “Featherweight,” the band’s electrifying energy never died and neither did the crowds.

Photo credit: Carly Stuber

Next came The Faim, who showcased confidence and a dramatic flare with their new record State of Mind, the band brought that aura to life with their performance. The band puts-forth a mesmerizing presence while emphasizing lustful track “Beautiful Drama.”

The band also treated the crowd to powerful and upbeat songs “Buying Time” and “Tongue Tied” coming at the crowd full force, who fed off their energy.

Lead vocalist, Josh Raven, stresses his vocals and demands the audience's attention as he leapt onto the decorative pirate ship placed on the floor of The Phantasy, and performed from on it creating and interactive and memorable moment.

Finally came Stand Atlantic, who came out swinging playing tracks off their new record such as “Bullfrog,” really highlighting their newest record Lavender Bones throughout their set, with strong and playful stage presence.

The band also brought their newest single “Hate Me (Sometimes)” to life on this tour, creating an exciting element to the venue. The song united voices across the crowd during the songs ballad-like outro.

All in all the show was full of energy from beginning to end, if you missed The Faim and Stand Atlantic this time around, don't sleep on them the next time they hit your city.

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