REVIEW: The Warhawk's Show How Rock 'n' Roll is Done With Debut Album 'Never Felt So Good'

The Warhawks are a band that formed a couple years back in Gloucester City, NJ. After nonstop performances and releasing multiple EPs, they have finally released their first full-length album, Never Felt So Good. The Warhawks blend garage rock with catchy melodies and indie pop.

They have been working real hard to become one of the prestige rock and roll bands from the Delaware Valley music scene, and it shows to pay off after this album. The band consists of cousins Matt Orlando, John Bilodeau, Pat Bilodeau and longtime friend Tom Lipski.

The first song on the album, "Not a Problem" has a total punk feel that demands the listener to get up and move. The chorus has a lot of vocal layers that are meant to be sang along to and has a big ending to top it off.

Next up is "Miracle" carrying out an infectious guitar riff and a classic rock drum beat that resembles a train trudging along. All while throwing in a harmonica solo that shouldn't fit but completely makes the song.

"Your Touch" is a song that has heartbreaking lyrics about longing for someone who is just out of reach. The music itself is upbeat with happily lights distorted guitars carrying it.

Following is a stadium ready song, "Soul Sucker" that has a slowed down tempo with gritty lyrics that has a bluesy feel.

"Don't Fuck With Me" exudes a happy sound with fast drums and guitar and is about exactly what it sounds like, finding your own groove and sticking to it.

On the next track, "Nothing To Do," an acoustic guitar part, meets a new dynamic within the the album. The verses have a lot more space to let the voice have the spotlight. This song is meant to be blasted with the windows down on a nice summer drive.

"Got It From Me," has a vintage sound to it that the Rolling Stones would be proud of. The song has lots of attitude and a killer bass line.

"Change" is one of the more vulnerable songs on the album exploring the topic of internal and external conflicts. The song has has a good dynamics from loud choruses and toned back verses.

The album closes on, "Ten Things," that is heavily synth driven. The track emphasizes a drum sound that comes across as if it was recorded in a big room. The chorus sends the album off on a really high note.

Make sure to check out the debut album Never Felt So Good and to catch The Warhawks at a show near you!