The Maine Release New Song, Announce Acoustic Album

Pop-punk band The Maine released “Am I Pretty (Acoustic)" on June 1.

The band also announced the release of Less Noise: A Collection Of Songs By A Band Called The Maine, an album full of acoustic tracks, via twitter.

The album will be out on June 22, be sure check them out on the final run of Warped Tour this summer.

Less Noise: A Collection Of Songs From A Band Called The Maine tracklist:

1.) "Into Your Arms"

2.) "We’ll All Be"

3.) "Don’t Stop Now"

4.) "Saving Grace"

5.) "Some Days"

6.) "Thinking Of You"

7.) "Blood Red"

8.) "Forever Halloween"

9.) "Am I Pretty?"

10.) "Diet Soda Society"

11.) "Bad Behavior"

12.) "How Do You Feel?"

What acoustic track are you most excited to hear? Let us know!

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