The Faim Bring Crowd Interaction to a New Level on Tour

Photo credit: Carly Stuber

The Faim hit The Phantasy in Lakewood, OH, in support of Andy Black on his current tour.

The band emerged on staged with a hype aura although the crowd were seemingly unsure of them at first, their electrifying energy set waves through the audience creating an infectious effect.

As The Faim made their way down their setlist, lead vocalist, Josh Raven, showcases what a true showman he is. Not only entertaining from the noticeably carpeted stage, but also making his way in and through the crowd getting new listeners excited for their next song.

Photo credit: Carly Stuber

The bands sound is clear and catchy, they slide right into their next song with very little banter in between, new listeners were given the opportunity to experience what they have to offer, making new fans as they did so.

Raven continued to do certain acts such as climbing onto the decorative pirate ship placed within the venue to spark the crowds interest, but there wasn't a need to do that. Songs such as "Summer Is a Curse" speak for themselves. Exuding a lustful-carefree tone making new fans across the venue.

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