The Amity Affliction, We The Kings And Others Release New Music

The Amity Affliction Drop “Ivy Doomsday”

Metalcore band The Amity Affliction release “Ivy Doomsday” on June 20.

Along with the debut of “Ivy Doomsday” came a new album announcement, Misery, due out Aug 24. Check out the tracklist below.

Misery tracklist:

1.) “Ivy (Doomsday)” 2.) “Feels Like I’m Dying” 3.) “Holier Than Heaven” 4.) “Misery” 5.) “Kick Rocks” 6.) “Black Cloud” 7.) “D.I.E.” 8.) “Drag The Lake” 9.) “Beltsville Blues” 10.) “Burn Alive” 11.) “Nothing Left” 12.) “The Gifthorse”

Be sure to catch TAA on Warped Tour this summer.

Hail The Sun Drop “Suffocating Syndrome”

Rock band Hail The Sun dropped “Suffocating Syndrome” on June 20.

You can find “Suffocating Syndrome” on Hail The Sun’s forthcoming record Mental Knife, due out Sept. 28. Check out the tracklist below.

Mental Knife track listing:

1.) “Gouge & Uproot” 2.) “Mental Knife” 3.) “Suffocating Syndrome” 4.) “Devotion Cuts” 5.) “The Stranger In Our Pictures”

6.) “A Lesson In Lust” 7.) “Risk/Reward” 8.) “Feel It When Convenient” 9.) “Arcane Justice” 10.) “Glass: Half Empty” 11.) “On Existence”

Check HTS out on Warped Tour this summer!

We The Kings Drop “On My Love”

Pop-punk band We The Kings dropped new song “On My Love” on June 21.

You can find “On My Love” on their new album Six, due out July 6.

Six tracklisting:

1.) “On My Love” 2.) “The Ocean And The Sun” 3.) “Even If It Kills Me” 4.) “Mama Knows Best” 5.) “Ride” 6.) “Alive” 7.) “I Won’t Settle” 8.) “Festival Music” 9.) “Planes, Trains, And Cars” 10.) “Immortal” 11.) “What I Wouldn’t Give”

Catch We The Kings on Warped Tour all summer long.

What new music are you most excited for? Let us know!


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