Set It Off Drop New Music Video, Detail New Album, Announce Tour

Set It Off dropped their video for new single, "Lonely Dance," on Nov. 19. Watch it below!

You can find "Lonely Dance" on the band's forthcoming record, Midnight, due out Feb. 1. See The tracklist below.

Midnight tracklist:

1.) "Killer In The Mirror"

2.) "Hourglass"

3.) "Lonely Dance"

4.) "Different Songs"

5.) "For You Forever"

6.) "Dancing With The Devil"

7.) "Go To Bed Angry (feat. Wayfarers)"

8.) "Midnight Thoughts"

9.) "Criminal Minds"

10.) "No Disrespect"

11.) "Stitch Me Up"

12.) "Raise No Fool"

13.) "I Want You (Gone) (Feat. Matt Appleton)"

14.) "Unopened Windows"

15.) "Happy All The Time (feat. Skyler Acord)"

In addition, SIO announced a world tour, see the details below.

Are you stoked about all this SIO news? Let us know your thoughts!


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