REVIEW: Welcome To Sunnyland Tour

You can read this review in the Dec. issue of Cleveland State University's The Vindicator Magazine.

Mayday Parade’s Welcome To Sunnyland tour hit Cleveland on Nov. 3, bringing a huge crowd to the Agora.

The anticipation was in the air as the crowd waited for the night to begin, along with excitement for opening bands: This Wild Life, William Ryan Key, formerly of Yellowcard, and Oh, Weatherly.

Dallas natives Oh, Weatherly kicked off the night with their songs, "Chasing California" and "Here Tonight." Their pop–punk tunes reaffirmed the crowd's vibe for the night. "Burned Out", which they played next, had more of an edge which gave the crowd the chance to chant the lyrics: "And the moon broke out in a burst of flame/While the sun started taking its place/All I knew is our love burnt out the same day." They closed their set with "Lost and Found," from their 2016 EP, Light Nights and Heavy Hearts.

Formerly from Florida's own Yellowcard, William Ryan Key played songs from his new solo project he started shortly after the band's farewell tour. He played his songs "Vultures" and "The Bowery" from his Thirteen EP. He gave a warm, nostalgic feeling of Yellowcard during his rendition of "Ocean Avenue," as the crowd sang "There's a place off Ocean Avenue/Where I used to sit and talk with you/We were both 16 and it felt so right" in unison.

Photos by Cassie Blotzer

The California acoustic rock duo, This Wild Life, played "Positively Negative" and "Westside" from their recent record Petaluma. Acknowledging that many of their songs about break ups, the duo spotlighted a couple of their only love songs, "Hold You Here." They closed out their set with "Headfirst" and "No More Bad Days."

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for: Mayday Parade. After 13 years, the band still gives the crowd chills. At the peak of excitement, "Never Sure" from their newest record, Sunnyland, kicks in. Mayday Parade played their A Lesson In Romantics classics, "Jersey" and "When I Get Home, You're So Dead." United, the crowd sang the words "Say hello to all my problems for me/Tell them sorry, I can’t be around anymore/The years will go on, we’ll get older and then we’ll die/But we’ll get by" to the band's newest anthem "Piece Of Your Heart." They also added their cover of Gotye’s "Somebody That I Used To Know", and demonstrated how they can make any song their own. Mayday Parade rounded off their set with "Three Cheers for Five Years" and "Stay," and closed the unforgettable night with "Oh Well, Oh Well."

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