REVIEW: Underoath Brings A High-Energy Experience With Their 'Erase Me' Tour

Photo Credit: Carly Stuber

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On December 1st, Underoath blew through Cleveland at The Agora Theater with their Erase Me Tour. Supporting acts included The Plot In You, Crown The Empire and Dance Gavin Dance.

First to hit the stage was metal-rock band The Plot In You. The band has a calming stage presence, each members bops around the stage showing their passion for their songs. Voices of the audience united during “FEEL NOTHING” creating a feeling of warmth throughout the entire venue. The band closed their set on a powerful passionate note with “DISPOSABLE FIX,” the intensity behind the performance of this track is enough to give you goosebumps, band moves with the smooth transitions made within the track, leaving you wanting more from The Plot In You.

The Plot In You: Carly Stuber

Following them came rock band Crown The Empire, a band that exudes hype in an intense form. The crowd appeared to feed off the bands ecstatic energy, mosh pits were looking brutal and crowd surfers poured over the barricade. Each song sounded fresh and clear. The band ended their set on “Machines,” showcasing their ability to keep a crowd entertained and never losing their high-energy spirit.

Crown The Empire: Carly Stuber

Next came, Dance Gavin Dance, with a different kind of performance as their clean vocalist, Tilian Pearson, was unable to perform due to having a concussion. This lead to an interactive experience between the crowd and the band, where as the audience were asked to sing Pearson’s part of their tracks. DGD still came in full force despite the slight lineup mishap, their set included “Midnight Crusade,” “Care” and “Chucky Vs. The Giant Tortoise.” Their music is harder while meeting with melodies, making their set unforgettable. The band members move around the stage elegantly and swiftly, rounding out their set and making it feel whole.

Dance Gavin Dance: Carly Stuber

Finally came Underoath, opening their set with “On My Teeth,” came out with such confidence and really set the feeling for the rest of the night. The crowd within the general admission section of the venue did not stop moving, you could smell their sweat and feel the warmth coming from them standing just above the pit. The band carries themselves in such a bold and fearless way that their energy makes you feel invincible. They made their new record, Erase Me, come to life in songs, such as: “Rapture” and “ihateit.” Never losing their love for their songs and amplifying their energy as they went through their set.

Underoath: Carly Stuber

This tour is all around an electrifying and almost magical time, the feeling you get from just watching these performances will last for days.