REVIEW: UMBRA Brings Refreshing Hardcore Sounds With 'Raw' EP

UMBRA is a progressive hard/metalcore band from Texas. They've recently released their EP, Raw, a treat for all metalcore and hardcore fans.

Raw kicks off with "Root," a track with clean vocals met with various pitches of fierce screams. The music carries out a subtle melody with smooth tempo changes, keeping this track unique.

Next comes "Vicious," instantly greeting you with sharp screams that continues throughout the track. The guitar stands out among the rest of the band, keeping it fast paced. This song plays with many different elements from clean group vocals to poetically driven lyrics giving this band a refreshing edge.

"Whiteout," is another screamo motivated track. You'll find emphasis on bass throughout this song accompanied by crashing cymbals and deep vocals.

Next you'll find "Code," coming in with melodic sounds and clean vocals. As the track plays out energetic screams enter, keeping a sense of familiarity that's been continuous throughout the EP.

The EP ends on acoustic track, "Dream," this track is all instrumental and serene creating a unique end to Raw.

Be sure to listen to the EP yourself and keep up with UMBRA on Facebook and Twitter.