REVIEW: TWIN XL Showcases Charismatics and Personality in New 'How To Talk To Strangers' EP

Alternative-pop outfit, TWIN XL is comprised of vocalist Cameron Walker-Wright, bassist, Stephen Gomez and guitarist John Gomez. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the three musicians teamed with similar musical backgrounds, and they all had a similar idea in mind.

With Walker-Wright being the vocals of synth pop band Nekokat, and the Gomez brothers from the alternative rock band The Summer Set – In late 2018, TWIN XL was born. The group released their debut EP, How To Talk To Strangers on March 1.

"Sunglasses" being the second single the band released, was well received. This opening track comes in hot with its melodic intro and catchy guitar riffs. Broken down, the lyrics are pretty somber despite it’s upbeat sound. "Sunglasses" lays the foundation of the EP's title by Walker-Wright's line, “Terrified of new friends/they love you then they leave you dead.” With that in mind, it is very hard to talk to strangers most of the time. You must protect your soul with your sunglasses.

Coming in second on How To Talk To Strangers (HTTTS) is “Friends,” This track was TWIN XL’s third single released off the EP. The intro beings with a whistling jingle that becomes the hook for the entire song. Undeniably, it will get stuck in your heard for hours. Making listeners wish they could master the art of whistling. All around, this track brings the alternative-pop vibes that you could ever hope for. This track is both musically and lyrically lovable. Complete with dark undertones within the lyrics that resonate with the inner “emo” that lives in us all.

Third track, "Neon Summer” is definitely a feel-good song. This track is full of psychedelic impressions from start to finish. Everything about this track demonstrates the bands ability to transport you to an atmosphere that only exists in the figments of our imagination. The captivating lyrics meshed with the melodic instrumentals are like no other, truly like living in a Neon Summer.

“Good” was the track that gave us the first taste of what TWIN XL had in store. Much like “Friends,” this track demonstrates another infectious whistling tune accompanied with a rhythmic guitar riff that is carried out throughout the entire track. You’ll have no worries about feeling bad if you decide to check this song out. Needless to say that nobodies gonna kill their vibe with this track.

Next, "Thrill," demonstrates TWIN XL’s lyrical ability to a T. The track has many rhythmic elements that showcase the bands charismatic personality exceptionally. Like many of the other tracks, you might catch yourself tapping your fingers in an upbeat fashion or maybe even humming this intoxicating chorus simply because life deserves a little thrill.

A track that surrounds itself by social anxieties, “Everybody’s Talkin,’” is bold. This track goes through the lyrical variations of how we all move to the beat of our own drum. The strong instrumentals and melodic vocals in this track will for sure have you tapping your feet. TWIN XL gets it, everybody talks. But this track is the perfect representation to show that despite what people have to say, you just gotta keep walkin’.

Lastly, the EP ends with “Don’t Wake Me, I’m Still Dreaming.” This is the slowest paced track on the EP, which makes for a perfect outro. The high pitched synth that surrounds the rhythmic vocals will surely send you in a dream. This track takes every ounce of growth that we encounter throughout our lives. We all have have dreams and aspirations, and this is just the beginning for TWIN XL.

TWIN XL will be appearing on the 'Making Friends' Tour from March 18th to March 30th, where they will be sharing the stage with The Mowglis & Jukebox The Ghost. Tour dates can be found here.