REVIEW: Tilian Pearson Brings Grace and Animation With 'The Skeptic' Tour

Photo credit: Carly Stuber

All photos by Carly Stuber

Tilian Pearson brought his The Skeptic tour to Lakewood, OH on July 31, including support from Rivals, Brent Walsh and Landon Tewers.

Rivals were first to hit the stage, getting the crowd warmed up for the night with an energetic stage presences as they bounced passionately around the stage.

Following Rivals came Brent Walsh. Walsh put on a unique set, paired with diversity. His songs range from being acoustic to exuding a large presence of pop in songs such as "Moon Creep." He kept the crowd entertained while showcasing a soft yet strong vocal range and moving swiftly around the stage.

Next, Landon Tewers took the stage and did not disappoint. Tewers puts forth an underlying confidence as he preforms, throwing himself into the beat of his tracks such as "She Thinks of Me." Tewers emphasizes theatrics in his vocals, while stressing it in songs like "Don't You." He radiates intensity throughout his set, making new fans across the venue.

Finally, Tilian Pearson makes his way to the stage. Pearson gracefully moves around the small space that he has to work with, dancing and gliding through each song. His voice is soft and smooth while punching through moments of animation.

Although Pearson is supporting his newest record on this tour, playing tracks such as "Blame It On Rock And Roll" and "Hold On," his set varied between past releases from "Heartfelt" to "Back To Life," uniting old and new fans.

Pearson treated fans with single "Cocky," giving the crowd another danceable song.

If the tour hits your city, be sure to check it out, you may find your new favorite artist.