REVIEW: The Story So Far Brings Proper Dose to Life on Fall Tour

Photo credit: Nathan Rogers

You can catch this review feature in Cleveland State University's The Vindicator magazine, where Michella Dilworth and I dove in deep on The Agora's history and more!

The Story So Far rolled through the Agora in Cleveland on November 11th, in support of their new album, “Proper Dose.” The band brought a sold out show and a stacked lineup, including bands Movements, Citizen and Turnover.

While unfortunately missing Movements due to the overwhelming amount of cars packing the streets surrounding the Agora, one can only imagine what kind of a performance the band put on based on the success of their newest album, “Feel Something.” It flirts with harder melodies intertwined with poetry and passionate vocals, which undoubtedly made for an entertaining show—and judging by the looks of sweat–drenched concert goers leaving the general admission pit after their set, they’re not a band to sleep on.

Next to hit the stage was rock band Citizen with fan–favorite “Sleep.” Although this song is one of the more mellow Citizen tracks, it’s showcased dramatic vocals and an emphasis on full–band sequences throughout. The crowd was jam–packed with attendees from the pit to the balcony seating, everyone bobbing their heads or moving around within the pit. The band also showcased their ability to bring their “As You Please,” album to life by including the intro to “In The Middle Of It All,” tying their set together and making it feel whole.

The following act, Turnover, had a very soothing sound, but one that became repetitive and made the set feel long. Their sound quality was clear and well–presented, with such a harmonious stage presence rubbing off on the crowd. Everyone was shoulder–to–shoulder, practically swaying to the music. The set did feature the more upbeat, “Dizzy On The Come Down,” which added a hype factor to the calming set.

Finally came The Story So Far; the band glided on stage with their title track off “Proper Dose.” The set had a great way of transitioning from new songs to older fan–favorites, songs like “What You Don’t See,” to “Solo.” The general admission pit had the crowd pouring over the barricades during tracks such as “Heavy Gloom.” The band showcased a more serene sound in their newest record and their stage presences embodied that in the best way.

Photo credit: Nathan Rogers

Watching them perform new songs like “Out Of It” and “Upside Down,” created the illusion of watching the album itself instead of just watching them play. TSSF fake–closed their set with “Empty Space,” then came back with an encore of the acoustic crowd–favorite, “Clairvoyant.” As the crowd sang in unison, “Don’t paint me black/When I used to be golden,” the band managed to create a sense of family throughout the venue. They eventually finished their set with their always popular and powerful, “Quicksand.” It had been quite some time since we’ve gotten the chance to see TSSF hit the stage and it was well worth the wait.

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