REVIEW: The Maine Shows Raw Emotion In 'You Are OK'

The Maine dropped their You Are OK album on March 29 and supplied fans with a sense of honesty met with unforgettable melodies.

The album kicks off with "Slip The Noose," greeted with soft yet strong vocals, this intro sets the tone for the album. The music is bright paired with deeper lyrics drilling in what seems to be the theme of this record.

Follow up tracks are singles, "My Best Habit," a lyrically confident song coming together with lustful music and glides into "Numb Without You," a rock track emphasizing string instruments, which add a sense of rarity the the track.

Moving down the record you'll find "Forevermore," instant chills will hit your skin as acoustic sounds collide with your eardrums along with the soft echos of lead vocalist's, John O 'Callaghan, whispers which strengthen throughout the track.

Next, "Tears Won't Cry (Shinjū)" is full of smooth transitions in melody, and leaves listeners with a enigmatic sensation hidden in the words "just like a secret lovers’ suicide/kiss off into the sky/to a mystic place where tears won't cry."

"One Sunset" fills you speakers with a free, light-hearted aura. The track plays out like the perfect summer night.

The album also includes "Broken Parts," this track is relatable and makes a person feel whole again if they're feeling torn apart. "Broken Parts" is a breath of fresh air, leaving listeners wanting more.

The album closes out on "Flowers On The Grave," this song is over 9 minutes long and tells a story. It's un-apologetically raw and evolves in the music throughout. Vocals echo, the bass keeps a steady tempo the string instruments send a wave of angelic tones to the listeners. As the track comes to an end listeners are greeted by lyrics "I was on the verge of breaking down/then you came around," that appeared in the albums beginning track, "Slip The Noose." Tying the record together and making it feel whole.

Hear the album below, and let us know what you think!