REVIEW: Surprises Explores Creativity In New Record

Surprises is the solo project of Brooks Paschal, (former Sullivan frontman,) and has just dropped a new record, Natural Disaster.

Natural Disaster kicks off with "Tell The World," an upbeat yet tranquil opening track setting the tone for what this album has in store for fans and new listeners.

Following is title track "Natural Disaster," the lyrics punch through with passion making a listener feel a connection to the song. The music stays consistent, serene meeting positivity, creating a nice contrast.

"El Salvador" has a slight rock aura and is full of smooth transitions in tempo. Vocals are emphasized with gasps of breathe filling certain gaps of silence between lyrical lines. The song is lustful and driven with devotion.

"Overloaded" slightly breaks the cycle of the tracks that came before it. It's incredibly dance-able, and moves into an acoustic moment which is a pleasant to the ears.

Next comes "The Mistress and Her Heart," the intro has an illusion that this song will be slower, listeners will find that it evolves into a pop-punk anthem. "The Mistress and Her Heart," exudes a sense of freedom and highlights a summer aesthetic.

As listeners make their way down this album "I Can't See You Em," is a track to note of. The vocals are executed in a choppy manner, alongside a punk-rock sound while still meeting up with the pop sound that appears to have been a theme throughout the record. "I Can't See You Em," mixes genres in a clean way that makes sense.

The album closes on "A Peace Anthem," beginning with vocals and the plucking of a guitar along with crashes of other musical elements behind it. The song begins to pick up more of melody but also includes many different showcasing of vocals. The perfect way to end this record.

Natural Disaster is all together a great album, with a lot of creativity put into it, keeping it consistent while adding a sense of rarity to each song. Paschal emphasizes his vocals throughout showcasing his range of talent. The record is sure to be a summer favorite.