REVIEW: 'Strange Love' EP is the First Look into the New Universe of "Trash-Pop"

Simple Creatures released their debut EP, Strange Love via Everything Opposite, LLC today (March 29). As the brainchild of Blink-182's bassist/vocalist, Mark Hoppus and All Time Low's lead vocalist, Alex Gaskarth, the six-track EP is a combination of pop-rock and synth.

Since the announcement of the project, the duo has already debuted a few tracks from EP - "Drug," "Strange Love," and most recently "Adrenaline." The side project is the ultimate showcase of these frontmen's personas musically.

The EP kicks off with single "Drug," creating a roller-coaster of emotions throughout to keep your attention. As you can expect, the track is bright and catchy from the powerhouse duo, showcasing the classic "nah-nah" harmonies and heavy guitar rumbles.

Next, listeners are greeted by single, "Strange Love" with its mellow, dance vibes. The track continues to bring the duo away from what they are commonly associated with.

"How To Live" continues the slow aspect of the EP, bringing more depth with the different levels of vocals, background music and drums. Picking up the pace, "Adrenaline" is a pop-rock banger that makes the listener shake their hips and bop their heads to the beat.

Synth and electronic drums driven track, "Ether" is a slow jam with Hoppus taking the lead on vocals. This track is definitely the most unlike what Blink-182 and All Time Low bring to the table. The frontmen's vocals echo off each other during the chorus, "You can gasp for air or take the ether/Hold your breath or both you won’t get either."

As the finale, "Lucy" brings a significant more pop feel than the rest of the EP. The track showcases the contrast in melodies between Hoppus and Gaskarth, making the listeners question why the duo did not team up sooner. It is quite obvious crowds will be singing "I want to be the driver of your getaway car/Stash the paper bag at the back of the bar/Smile through the pain and run away from your past/Leave the handgun, take the cash" in unison with the duo as the guitar kicks in.

Strange Love is the first look into the new universe of "trash-pop" by this musical powerhouse duo. It will be exciting to see how this project moves forward into the future.

Have you listened to Strange Love? Listen to it here and let us know your thoughts!

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