REVIEW: State Champs Showcases Musical Growth In Living Proof

Pop-punk band State Champs released their newest record, Living Proof, on June 15. The album is a follow up to their 2015 LP Around The World And Back.

Living Proof showcases musical maturity while staying consistent with their previous records. State Champs adapts to the constant developments within pop-punk but not to stray away from keeping their own familiarity. Their music keep fans on their toes and excited to see what’s coming next.

“Criminal” is subtle but hard hitting. Transitions between verse to chorus is smooth and steady switching it up just enough throughout the track to avoid being repetitive. Lyrics are up to interpretation to listeners, making fans feel connected to the track.

Another gem on this record is “Frozen,” lyrics like “Maybe I messed up a little/or maybe I’m a little messed up,” is different from the optimism that we’re used to hearing from SC. The music is packed with rolling drums and a catchy melody, certain to make this track a fan favorite.

The band’s single “Dead And Gone,” is by far the most relatable lyrically. With words such as “I wanna get some fucking sleep again” strung together. The song plays out like an anthem, upbeat and hooky, enough to keep the track on repeat for days.

One track that stands out among the rest is “Lightning,” starting out with easy drums leading to tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The track picks up harder in the chorus, while keeping consistent . The track zones in on the bass towards the end making it feel whole.

Living Proof closes out on “Sidelines” which gives fans a classic SC sound. Fun lyrics such as “There’s nothing like a crowded room/to make me wanna up and leave with you,” Leaving the song with a reckless and carefree feeling.

The new record is full of great tracks. If you haven’t heard it pick up a copy today!

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