REVIEW: State Champs Bring Intensity With Their 'Living Proof' Tour

Photo By: Cassie Blotzer

Pop-punk band, State Champs brought their 'Living Proof Tour' to The House Of Blues in Cleveland OH, on March 6.

The tour included support from, Let It Happen, Grayscale and The Dangerous Summer. Also listed on the bill was Our Last Night, who did not preform due to their lead vocalist being ill.

First to hit the stage was Let It Happen, the band kept the eager crowd entertained with up-beat tracks and an attention getting stage presences.

Next came Grayscale, playing fan-favorite "Atlantic," the crowd solemnly enjoyed their set and the band could tell. Lead vocalist, Collin Walsh, called out the crowd's etiquette by eluding that the crowd was being boring. This statement ignited a fire in the audience creating crowd surfers and mosh pits alike during tracks such as "Fever Dream." Their set was well rounded including "Beautiful Things" and "Palette," turning up the energy for the night.

The Dangerous Summer were the last of the openers to play. Their sound is raw and melodic, creating a mesmerizing sound.

Finally came State Champs, a band that never disappoints. They come out with an intensity that carries out through their entire set as plow through new and old tracks. Fans clump together desperately trying to get as close to the stage as possible while crowd surfers begin pouring over the barricade. Mosh pits flooded the general admission pit and the band fed off that chaotic stamina.

SC treated the audience with new songs including "Safe Haven" and "Criminal." The band really hit home with "Frozen," delivering a crisp and clear sound within the tracks intro.

Photos By Cassie Blotzer

The band closes their set out by playing "Dead And Gone," uniting voices across the venue with the words "I wanna breathe with ease again/I wanna get some fucking sleep again." Then coming back with encores "Elevated" and fan-favorite "Secrets."

From watching SC play small intimate rooms to selling out large rooms adds a sense of warmth to long time fans hearts. Hearing their music grow and watching their stage presence mature shines a humbling light on State Champs.

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