REVIEW: Snowed In's High Energy Kicked Off The Holidays

All photos by Nathan Rogers

The sixth year of 'Snowed In' featured Knocked Loose, Knuckle Puck, Harm's Way, Hot Mulligan, Kublai Khan, Heart Attack Man, and many more. The annual winter festival was on December 21st at The Agora in Cleveland OH. With a packed ballroom, we had the pleasure of seeing Knuckle Puck and Knocked Loose.

Knuckle Puck kicked off their set with oldies, "But Why Would You Care?" from their 2014 While I Stay Secluded EP, the crowd screams "I am expendable, but I guess that’s just the way things go" with lead vocalist Joe Taylor.

Continuing with some oldie, Knuckle Puck kept the energy going, Knuckle Puck with "Fences" and "No Good." The crowd cheered when "No Good" kicked in with lyrics "Where's your respect?/And didn't your father teach you anything before he left?" KP continued their set with the songs, "Want Me Around" and "Everyone Lies to Me" from their latest record Shapeshifter.

The band slowed things down with "Conduit" and the lyrics "If all you are is under the surface/Then why is it so hard to be a conduit?" Coming to the end of their set, they played crowd favorites "Pretense" and "Untitled."

On the heavier side of the spectrum, Kentucky's Knocked Loose started off their headlining set with "Oblivion's Peak," instantly creating a crazy crowd on the floor. Continuing with an anthem "All My Friends," lead vocalist Bryan Garris screams "All my friends have problems with their selves/We don't talk about it, nothing helps/We tuck it deep inside, so no one can see."

In sync, the whole crowd sang the lyrics "I wrote a song about getting better/It's a feeling I can't remember" from 2016's Laugh Tracks "Counting Worms." The band closes with "Deadringer."

All in all, both bands and their high energy gave the crowd what they needed before the holidays. Did you go to Snowed In? What band was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.