REVIEW: Rooftop Rebellion Provides a Diverse Rock Feel In Upcoming Tracks

The Rooftop Rebellion is a aggressive-rock band from Brooklyn, NY and have some new tracks in the works. The band has 3 new songs due out Dec. 3 and they're not something you'll want to miss out on.

Each song draws attention to an element they wasn't showcased in the last. "For The Greater Good," leans on a punk-rock atmosphere, fast-paced and hook-heavy. Guitars are emphasized alongside passionate vocals and pounding drums.

"If I Could Stay," embodies a serene sound, a light rock melody playing out next to soft and clean vocals that echo, creating a live-sounding ambiance. Simple and sweet, the track shows a calming sound to the band.

Lastly comes "Seven Suns," that displays guitar solos, swift transitions gives the vocals a more of a push. This song shows more of the band harsher side mixed with harmonies, keeping it catchy along with the tracks technical nature.

Be sure to follow The Rooftop Rebellion on Facebook, and listen to their live EP, Roar, until the new tracks are out!