REVIEW: Real Friends Creates An Interactive Atmosphere on Their Fall Tour

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Photo credit: Nathan Rogers

Pop-punk band Real Friends, brought their fall tour to Cleveland, OH on Nov. 23. Support including Eat Your Heart out, Grayscale and Boston Manor.

Pop-punk band Grayscale produced a clear crisp sound while ending their set with single "Atlantic," the crowd, appearing to be elated by the track, stage diving and singing along preparing for the other bands to come.

Following Grayscale came U.K. band, Boston Manor, producing an amplifying reckless aura. The band hits the stage exuding hype but didn't appear to take themselves too seriously which created a lighter almost laughter driven reaction from most of the crowd.

Despite their fun-loving stage presence their set was nothing to laugh at. Lead vocalist, Henry Cox, keeps his vocals controlled and the music plays better than studio audio live. Songs including "I Hate You," "Lead Feet", "Laika" and "Halo" will keep you waning more shows from BM.

Finally came Real Friends, well worth the wait. Trudging through their set list, never missing a beat. They interacted with fans in between songs in a genuine way, creating a warm atmosphere among the crowd.

Although this tour draws attention to the band's recently released record, Composure, by playing songs such as "Me First," and "Get By," RF still left some older tracks for fans to lose their minds over. This included "Skin Deep," the crowd uniting their voices during "I've got this lonely night/and Jimmy Eat World/I never had you/and you told me I never did."

Photo credit: Nathan Rogers

The crowd was treated to songs like "Cover You up" while also treating fans by slowing down "Summer," a usually up-beat track, making the set feel whole. The band also played "Late Nights In My Car," while choosing an audience member to sing the song from start to finish with the band.

RF has always been a band that has music that makes you feel less alone with whatever you might be dealing with. As they have too, gone through their fair share of difficulties in life, they take the time to talk about mental health during their shows in an honest nature.

If this tour hits your city, don't sleep on the chance to see it.