REVIEW: Offended By Everything's Evergreen EP Is One to be Heard

Pop-punk band Offended By Everything Dropped their EP, Evergreen, via Standby Records.

Among the EP you'll find singles, "I'm Gone" and "The First Time." Both tracks carry out memorable melodies and crisp, forceful vocals. These songs are just a hint into what this EP has to offer.

The EP kicks off with "Deadweight," setting the tone for vigorous, high energy tracks. With a catchy melody and edgy vocals you'll be wanting more from this band.

"You Call It Normal, I Call It Monotony" showcases the band's talent, playing with different musical elements and smooth transitions between tempos, this track sets itself part from the other tracks on this EP.

Title track, "Evergreen," slows this EP down for a bit with the use of acoustic guitars, passionate vocals and a feel of relatability within the lyrics.

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