REVIEW: Mom Jeans.' Puppy Love Is Relatable Lyrically

Mom Jeans. released their newest album, Puppy Love, on July 3rd via Counter Intuitive Records. The album is a follow up to their 2016 LP Best Buds.

Overall, Puppy Love is relatable lyrically with post-relationship sorrow and self-deprecating irony. Throughout the record, there are vibes comparing to Cleveland natives Runaway Brother's 2014 album Mother.

Compared to Best Buds, the album is not as open but Puppy Love seems like the step in the right direction to open to a larger audience.

"sponsor me tape" is a reminder that it is okay to miss a friend/significant even if things end badly with the lyrics "but I can't help from wondering what you're up to now/but it's not my place so I'll give you your space." They hit home with the lyrics "the only two things I can talk to are my dog and my PlayStation” in "PICKLE BART."

Let us know what you think of Mom Jeans.' new record!