REVIEW: Jukebox the Ghost Bring Their Energy and a Sold Out Show to Cleveland

The 'Making Friends Tour' stopped at the Beachland Ballroom on March 22. Co-headliners Jukebox the Ghost and The Mowgli's brought along Twin XL as support.

Twin XL started off the night with their soft dance vibes. The LA natives bring a mixture of synth pop and alternative rock with the members' varying backgrounds. Setting the stage with their first single "Good," lead vocalist Cameron Walker-Wright's voice echoes in the room with the lyrics "Take what you want, you get what you get/Just one touch and then I come to life/Nobody gonna kill my vibe." By the end of their set, the whole room was dancing to their tracks "Sunglasses" and “Everybody’s Talkin'” off their debut EP, How To Talk To Strangers.

By opening with "Say It, Just Say It," The Mowgli's create a fun, positive environment. The crowd sings "And when the sun comes up/Like it always does/It's whatever forever" in unison during "Whatever Forever." The set continues with "Talk About It" and "Norman Rockwell" from their recent EP, American Feelings. The room comes to a calm energy during the lyrics "All along you were there but I missed it/I don't know what it is/But I feel good about this" off their 2018 release "I Feel Good About This." The Mowgli's release their final good vibes with crowd favorites "I'm Good" and "San Francisco."

With a year of anticipation, the crowd cheers and shows their energy when Jukebox the Ghost finally steps onto that stage. As the piano and guitar kick in, lead vocalist, Ben Thornewill, sings "I don't want you to feel broken/I just want you to feel good/Let's put away all those past indiscretions."

The set continues with "Stay the Night" and "Girl." The crowd moves to the beat as the lyrics "Girl, you're gunna take me back to a time when I loved and I meant it/Girl, you're gunna save me/Give me a chance, it's worth taking" fills the room. As major throwback from their 2008 LP Let Live and Let Ghosts, "Static to the Heart" brings an extra rock edge for long-time fans. "It's No Secret" creates a sense of '50/'60s nostalgia.

The crowd falls in love with the heavy acoustic guitar during 2018's Off To The Races track, "Diane." Queen's "We Are the Champions" brings the night to close with all three acts. Each spring Jukebox the Ghost and their energy returns to Cleveland and this night was no exception.

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