REVIEW: 'IV' is the start of a change

You Me At Six released their sixth studio album IV on October 5th via Underdog and AWAL. In anticipation of the Night People follow-up release, the rock five-piece released singles: "Fast Forward," "3AM," "IOU" and "Back Again."

"Fast Forward" is the perfect example of what earned YMAS their cult following across the globe. The track is full of heavy basslines, outstanding choruses, and impressive guitars. With a stadium sized sound, lead vocalist, Josh Franceschi, sings "I scratched the surface yesterday/I know how this one will play out/Let me start you before you start."

"Miracle in the Mourning" shows the start of a new era. With perfect synth-infused moments, the lyrics "You don't wanna be the one that says "I told you so"/You may not get what you want but you're getting what you've sown" play out. "3AM" and "Back Again" continue the eletrico feels.

Stepping away from their normal pop-punk sound, "Predictable" and "IOU" bring in funky basslines and R&B drum beats. The closing track "Losing You" showcases Franceschi's simply beautiful vocals. The relaxed vocals is a new theme compared to their previous releases.

You Me At Six brought their fans a nice change of pace with a mixture of genres and maintaining their powerful sound throughout IV.

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