REVIEW: Homesafe's Debut Album Gives A Striking Blend Of Alternative Rock

Homesafe released their debut full-length album, One, on June 29th via Pure Noise Records. As the brainchild of Knuckle Puck's bassist Ryan Rumchaks, the band has released a few EP's prior.

One gives a striking blend of alternative rock with '90s emo and meaningful vocals that has polished mainstream awareness. The records starts out hard-hitting with "Point Blank," "Run" and "Say Something." One also showcases the mellow side of alternative rock with "Sadistic Society" and "Have It All." They have the same vibe as tracks off of Balance and Composure 2013's The Things We Think We're Missing.

Finally, the edgy track "Get It Right" stands out the most for being lyrically relatable with the lines "failure's something I've grown close to for some time/but still, sometimes I get it right" The song is play on repeat worthy.

Let us know what you think of Homesafe's debut record!