REVIEW: Further North's 'Under The Clouds,' EP Brings a Surge Of Catchy Melodies

Further North is a indie/pop-punk band from Texas, who recently produced a memorable EP, Under The Clouds.

The EP kicks off on a high note with single, "Live To Love," with guitars that stand-out among the steady instrumentals that seem to fit together like puzzle pieces.

Next, listeners are greeted with a mellow track, "Taking You With Me" with a enduring guitar introduction that lay pleasantly next to tranquil vocals. The song once again puts emphasis on their guitars by incorporating a smooth solo.

"Face The Facts," puts a little more passion in the vocals as the drums slightly crash against the guitars. This track transitions between up-beat and placid tempos. Creating a pure chemistry among the band.

Following "Face The Facts," "Now Or Never," hits your speakers, the song embodies a punk-rock feel with mellow vocals and fast-paced hooks. This track adds a uniqueness to the EP, slipping into a deep focus on instrumentals, and incorporating screaming vocals as the song ends.

Acoustic track, "This Dissonance," refreshes listeners ears with string instruments and subtle vocals behind soothing and cherished lyrics.

The EP closes out on "Shine It On Me." The track hits with broad sounds met with confident vocals. "Shine It On Me," also highlights a strong bass presence keeping listeners addicted to the song's sound.

Under The Cloud, is very well put together, like a present wrapped tightly with a bow. Each transition makes sense, creating a smooth and easy listening experience for fans of alternative music.

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