REVIEW: Flight Club bring a unique sound with 'Recreational Love'

Flight Club is a rock-band who's gearing up to release their EP, Recreational Love, due out Nov. 15.

The EP kicks off with single, "Discount Drugs," showcasing an anthemic presence and an ear full of guitars. Vocals stay consistent as the track plays out. The track warms up listeners for what this EP has to offer.

"This Is Living" comes barreling in emphasizing a melody matched neatly against smooth vocals. The chorus highlights a slight change in tempo keeping listeners on their toes. As the track nears the end the band adds a climatic energy, rounding out the track.

Next comes, "Hard Luck" this track exudes a catchy-rock aura. The chorus is fearlessly lead by bold vocals paired with guitars and notable drums. "Hard Luck" is a standout track on this EP.

"All Hell," stays stagnant throughout following the same formula throughout. Guitar solos infiltrate fans ears adding a new elements. The track also hints a bit of screamo near the tracks end. The song pushes boundaries of hard-rock, while still including a serene outro.

Following "All Hell," comes, "Strangers After" is an easy-listening track, the lyrics feel gives a relatable moment, the music is smooth and tranquil with a slight change in tempo as it carries out. "Strangers After," is refreshingly different from the other tracks on this EP and fades right into the next song, "Yours."

"Yours," creates a danceable effect from the second it hits, it follows the unique change that "Strangers After" began. The song uses descriptive lyrics that listeners that can feel such as "Do you feel it?/Let it tip-toe on your spine and across your skin" resulting in chills throughout the body of anyone listening. The song is perfect way to end this EP.

Recreational Love is a diverse and rare EP, it showcases Flight Club's ability to write songs that flirt with new elements yet still produce a familiar sound. Be sure to check it out on Nov. 15.