REVIEW: Elbow Room Showcases Strong Punk Influences And Diversity In New EP

Elbow Room is a pop-punk band from Cleveland, who just dropped a new EP, Constant Mistake, and it does not disappoint.

The band has endured many lineup changes but that hasn't stopped them from creating great, independently released music. ER certainly have undeniable chemistry, you can hear this throughout the new EP's Tracks.

"Sinking," kicks off the EP in a a delightful way, the intro is followed by pleasantly controlled vocals and smooth transitions to keep the song from sounding repetitive.

Another highlighted track would be "Neverafter," the drums roll in and is accompanied by diversity within the melodies, screaming vocals play out perfectly along side clean vocals. "Neverafter," is an unforgettable song.

The last two tracks you'll find on this EP is "On My Own" and "Memory," each song brings something different to the table, tracks like these stay true to the bands sounds while flirting with different elements to keep your ears entertained.

Be sure to check out the new EP now.