REVIEW: Capture pulls no punches with 'Lost Control'

Capture, formerly known as Capture the Crown, dropped their new record Lost Control on Aug. 16. Full of energy and grit, Capture stays true to their metal-core roots, while incorporating some subtle pop elements that tastefully diversifies Lost Control.

Capture is a trio, consisting of frontman Jeff Wellfare, bassist Erik Vaughn Weatherford, and Manny Dominick on drums.

Lost Control gets off to an empowered start, the opening track "Alive" is an anthem of sorts, a celebration of freedom from a toxic relationship and the ability to feel alive again. It features Washington-based rocker Thomas Erak, from The Fall of Troy and a former member of Chiodos.

Capture wastes no time and pulls no punches on the title track "Lost Control." It is one of the most intense tracks on the album, full of immersive and powerful electric guitar work, along with no shortage of heavy vocals.

Recently released single, the pointed track "No Cure" follows shortly after. As far as lyrical content goes, it is certainly one of the most interesting on the album. Capture addresses their stance on the institution of religion, almost carrying a banner of anarchy. Wellfare sings in one of the later verses, "It's a matter of perspective/I could never place my confidence in/ Giving hope to the hopeless/It only gives us a means to exist."

Lost Control takes a bit of a breath with the track "High," featuring Sonny Sandoval of Payable on Death (P.O.D.), this track has a much more atmospheric feel than some of the more in-your-face metal tracks on the album. There is still no shortage of heavy guitar work, but it works in both alt-rock and hip-hop elements, making "High" a solid standalone song.

Along the same lines, another track of note is called "Cruise." There is a distinct absence of heavy vocals, instead Capture gives listeners a taste of some pop elements throughout, which suits the song nicely. It is a catchy one meant to get stuck in your head.

Not to stray too far from their home base, Capture closes out the album with "This Ones For You," a strong, rebellious rock anthem about overcoming obstacles and proving the naysayers wrong. Wellfare chants "I'll always stay true to my roots," which is perfectly suited to an album that definitely incorporates some softer genres at times, but overall is an energizing and motivating rock album that is definitely worth the listen.

Check out Lost Control and let us know what you think.

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