REVIEW: Boys of Fall Light Lakewood on Fire With their 'Live & On Tour'

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Fans gathered down in the Locker Room of Mahall’s Twenty Lanes on April 11 in support of pop-punk band Boys of Fall. Openers included Never Loved, Oh, Weatherly and local support Taylor Scott.

Taylor Scott kicked off the show. Scott appeared to have a handful of fans in the crowd to support him. He had the audience warmed up for the night ahead by playing 'Start Anew," as well as "A Reason Why," both featured on his 2017 EP release, Leaving Home.

Scott's set list ended with a ten-minute long cover medley featuring a variety of emo ballads that had fans belting the lyrics from Sum 41, Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, and Good Charlotte. The medley was the perfect opportunity for crowd involvement for those who were unfamiliar with this opening act.

Next came Never Loved. With a set list was comprised of the bands newly released self-titled EP. The three piece pop-punk band hit the stage with an angst that captivated the entire crowd. Vocalist, Camm Knopp, screamed his heart out accompanied by the killer riffs from bassist, Jay Gayoso. Tracks highlighted drummer, Kevin Blackburn, by adding a sense of completion to this bands 90’s alternative grunge aesthetic. Blackburn's heart pounding percussion shook the entire room.

Houston rockers, Oh, Weatherly were the last of the openers to perform. Kicking off with “Here Tonight,” these guys presented the crowd with an infectious energy that made for a fun and charismatic performance. Vocalist, Blake Roses, kept the crowd entertained with frequent movement.

The band featured other hits from their Lips Like Oxygen LP, such as “Burned Out,” “I Think I Want You” and “Chasing California.” Oh, Weatherly rounded out their set with the first song that they had ever written, “Lost and Found.” Fans couldn’t help but sing along to every single word.

Finally, came Boy of Fall. The crowd immediately felt the aggression as the band came out strong with “It’s Always Sunny in Arkadelphia.” Lead Vocalist Mike Martenson’s eyes lit up once he had passed the microphone to a fan near the front of the crowd to scream the bridge, making for a truly iconic moment.

The band continued to bring the heat with hits such as “Bad Company,” “Something To Say” and “Arson.” Boys of Fall brought a calming element to the set with the sweet melodies of “Novocaine.” Martenson ended the show by amercing himself in the crowd with “No Good For Me.”

The crowd made it apparent that they had more energy to burn, not being ready for the band's bold performance to come to an end. The boys obeyed to the fans commands by ending the night with an encore of “Anger Management.”

Be sure to check out Boys of Fall’s debut album "Better Moments" and see their new video for "Something To Say" now.