REVIEW: Andy Black Creates a Relaxed Environment on His Headlining Tour

Photo credit: Carly Stuber

Andy Black brought his headlining tour to Lakewood, OH, on May 9 at The Phantasy.

Andy Black brings a very tranquil element to the stage, with the majority of his songs being up-beat and fast, his stage presence contrasts the nature of his music. The crowd responds in a mesmerized way, never taking their eyes off the stage and singing along to every word.

Black is an exceptional performer, he gracefully moves across the stage showcasing his vocal ability. He makes conversation in between playing adding a personal touch to his set, making the intimate setting of the show feel even closer.

Photo credit: Carly Stuber

As the set continues on, Black keeps his fans and new listeners hooked on his talent and in songs such as "Alive" and newest track, "Ghost Of Ohio." Black keeps the attention of the audience easily by exuding confidence and a set full of ear catching tracks.

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