Replay Band Of The Week: You Me At Six

Our next Replay Band Of The Week is the English rock powerhouse, You Me At Six. With five previous studio albums, they recently announced their sixth full-length record VI. The band has released three singles "I O U," "3AM" and "Fast Forward" that have set the stage for what to expect with the release on October 5th.

Setting the stage for a new sound, YMAS is also keeping to the band's roots that have earned them their significant following. "Fast Forward" steps into a new era of bold basslines and guitars. Josh Franceschi's roaring lead-vocals belting "Cause when you wanna fast forward/You know it's gonna hurt some more" becomes the anthem stuck on repeat.

Another track on the replay list is a throwback from their 2011 release Sinners Never Sleep, "Jaws On The Floor." With Franceschi's rougher voice, he sings "I smile at all my enemies/ I lead a life of positivity/I deflect curses thrown my way/I regret not saying."

With new releases, there is always the chance of finding love for a band all over again. If this wasn't enough for you, make sure to check out VI in October!