Replay Band Of The Week: WSTR

This week's replay band is UK pop-punk band, WSTR. It's only fitting that we honor them since they just dropped their new record, Identity Crisis, today (8/31/18.)

WSTR has their EP, SKWRD (2015,) an acoustic b-side of "Footprints" (2016,) a full-length, Red, Green or Inbetween (2017,) and now their newest record Identity Crisis.

Although the band has been through some lineup changes, they still stick to their roots. Identity Crisis, is pop-punk powerhouse. The record is full of anthems with hooks that will get lodged in your brain. Besides the albums singles, "Bad To The Bone," "Crisis" and "Silly Me," the record has many tracks to take note of.

"The Latest" listed as track number 5, will grab any listeners attention. The melody is fast-paced with ear catching transitions. Lyrics such as "Your therapy's wasted on me/Keep your pills and stay out my brain," highlighting a sense of rebellion or feeling that you don't want to hear another person's opinion in that moment.

Another track you'll find is "Fling," reading off as a light-hearted beat, yet the lyrics are something that cut to the core. Whether you can relate or not you can feel the passion in the vocals that make this a must listen track.

Songs like "Crisis" were brought to listeners as a single, with a very theatrically driven video. The song itself draws you in, but the video has you completely submerged in the band.

Don't believe us? Listen to Identity Crisis now and let us know your favorite track!