Replay Band Of The Week: With Confidence

This week’s replay band of the week is With Confidence. Coming back from a summer at the final Vans Warped Tour they recently released their second full length record Love And Loathing.

Over the summer WC dropped three singles before unveiling Love And Loathing, “That Something," “Jaded," and “Moving Boxes." These were just a preview into an album we’ve had on repeat since it's release. Favorites on the album are “Spinning” and “Bruise." The album produces a new sound while staying true to their roots. Generating a catchy record that you can karaoke to in the car but also tugs at your heartstrings too.

Love And Loathing isn't the only record by With Confidence to have a great effect on listeners, the band also has two EPs, Youth (2013,) Distance (2015) and their debut LP, Better Weather (2016.)

As mentioned before "Spinning" was a track the stood out on the band's latest record. The track has a tranquil-punk aura. The lyrics have a way of making listeners feel connected to it making it easy to connect to.

"Bruise" is another track we highlighted. This song is mellow but with lyrics such as "pressing on a bruise just to feel some pain," where you can physically feel the words strung together.

If this wasn't enough to make them your replay band, check out their new record below and let us know what you think!