Replay Band Of The Week: The Story So Far

With the release of Proper Dose today (9/20/18) it would only be right to make California pop-punk band, The Story So Far, this week's replay band.

We've gotten quite a bit of music from TSSF over the years, from their two EPs in 2010, While you Were Sleeping and their split with Maker, to the year of 2011 bringing us their debut LP, Under Soil And Dirt. We were greeted with What You Don't See in 2013, and finally their self titled album in 2015.

The band also produced a split EP with Stick To You Guns, featuring fan favorite "Clairvoyant," in 2013 and Songs Of, acoustic EP in 2014.

TSSF has brought many of memorable lyrics along with the fast-paced hooks, such as "not broke/just bent" from "Swords And Pens," the all-hype intro to "Empty Space" being, "all that I know/is your space is empty/it's buried below/The stress and the envy." We felt indigo all throughout the self-titled record and can never forget the iconic end to 2013's "Clairvoyant," "don't paint me black/when I used to be golden."

Now the band has brought us Proper Dose, the record showcases the growth between their last release and now. Proper Dose is serene yet simultaneously catchy. Still giving listeners the tongue-in-cheek lyrics they all love, but staying diverse with slower tracks in the mix. TSSF does a beautiful job adapting to the ever changing pop-punk music scene while staying true to their original sound.

"Out Of It" was the first single released when announcing their was a new record on the way. The song includes smooth melody transitions, while keep vocals strong and controlled. It was certainly the perfect peak into what Proper Dose was going to offer.

The band also released their video for "Upside Down," one of the more tranquil tracks on the record. The band experiments with different musical elements with passionate lyrics, keeping listeners on their toes.

Still not convinced TSSF should be your replay band? Listen to Proper Dose, then get back to us.

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