Replay Band Of The Week: The Maine

This week's Replay Band Of The Week is an all-time favorite, The Maine. With the recent announcement of the end of the Lovely Little Lonely era and their next 8123 Fest, The Maine knows how to hit it home with repeat-worthy tracks.

Their debut album, Can't Stop Won't Stop turns 10 this year. With the signature track "Girls Do What They Want," the song's chorus is still stuck in their fans' heads till this day. "Everything I Ask For" is another stuck in the fans' heads for years to come with John O'Callaghan singing "She loves music, but she hates my band/Loves Prince, she's his biggest fan/She's not big on holding hands/But that's alright 'cause I still got her."

Recharging love for The Maine, Lovely Little Lonely has been a go-to album since the spring tour with The Wrecks and The Technicolors. The upbeat track "Bad Behavior" finishes off with the relatable lyrics the "Yeah, I'm in danger/I think I know that you're bad for me/Oh, I know you're bad for me, yeah." "Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu" is another favorite with the lyrics "Tell you all the right words/Waiting on the right words/Just another lovesick afternoon/Black butterflies and déjà vu/Hoping for the right words."

Are you going to Lovely Little Lonely's funeral in Maryland? Are you going to 8123 Fest in Arizona? Comment below and let us know!

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