Replay Band Of The Week: Sleep On It

Photo Credit: Cassie Blotzer

Have you ever found a band, or rediscovered your love for an old favorite? Here at Roar Reports, we're shedding light on those bands that you can't stop listening to, the ones that when you try listening to something else you're still thinking about them.

Who better to kick it off with then Chicago, IL, pop-punk band, Sleep On It? The band has three EP's, Everything All At Once (2014,) Safe Again (2015) and Lost Along The Way (2016,) before releasing their full-length album, Overexposed on Nov. 3 of 2017.

Overexposed is an album full of fast-paced, upbeat tracks and lyrics easy to relate too. Songs like "A New Way Home," is a track up for interpretation, words such as "The grass is always greener on the other side/and I'm looking out the window trying to find a splash of color/in this gray-scale life," are strung together making listeners feel connected to it, knowing what it's like to be looking for some light in a dark period in their lives.

Another song that'll have Sleep On It on your replay list is "Fireworks," from the moment this track hits it plays out like an anthem. Full of vigorous music and inspiring lyrics, it also helps that State Champs lead vocalist, Derek DiScanio is featured, making this track a skin-chilling and explosive track.

If this isn't enough for you to get Sleep On It on your replay-list, check out Overexposed for yourself.

Who are some of your favorite replay bands? Let us know!

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