Replay Band Of The Week: Point North

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Point North is a pop-punk band from Los Angeles, CA. Their sound is electrifying and catchy, listen to one track and you're hooked, that's what makes them this weeks' replay band.

Point north dropped their LP, A Light In A Dark Place on July 6, the record is filled to the brim with fast-paced tracks with noticeable transitions to give tracks some diversity. Listeners also get acoustic renditions of "Blameless," "Empathy," "Godspeed and "Dearly Departed."

Highlighted tracks include "Dearly Departed," the song kicks off the album with full-force with lyrics that are easy to relate to and leaves you wanting more.

Another Track to take note of off A Light In A Dark Place would be, "Empathy." The track is vigorous and passionate. It supplies a sense of uniqueness throughout its chorus, changing the songs pace slightly to keep you on your toes.

What got us hooked on Point North from the beginning was their cover of rap artist, nothing,nowhere's., "Hammer." It's a difficult task, taking a rap song and turning it pop-punk and making it sound better than good. Point North did just that. Not straying too far away from their original sound, but still keeping it close enough to the original track, kept you coming back to this band.

Listen to A Light In A Dark Place now and they'll soon be your replay band too.