Replay Band Of The Week: Picturesque

This week's Replay Band blends potent emotions, catchy melodies, and untouchable high notes. Post-hardcore group, Picturesque, was formed in 2014 in Lexington, KY, and has cultivated a distinctive sound that will continue to develop.

One of the band's defining features is the vocal ability of frontman, Kyle Hollis, whose naturally high, wavering voice is enough to turn heads and set them apart from other groups in their genre.

They first appeared with their self-titled Picturesque EP (2014) which featured only three songs: "Just Exist", "One of Us", and "Speak Softly." It seemed that Picturesque subscribed to the adage of quality over quantity, their introduction showed off what the band is best at- haunting lyrics screamed at a sky-high range. A powerful combo.

Eventually they released a highly anticipated, full-length album in the summer of 2017 entitled Back to Beautiful, which featured songs from previously released EPs along with quite a few new editions.

One of the band's most ambitious singles off the album is called "Fake Fiction," and it presents Hollis' feelings in a raw way when he screams,

"I know it'll never be the same/I am certainly ashamed/The tell tale in your eyes/When you wear that crooked smile."

The band is gathering more and more clout, completing tours as an opening act with big names like The Color Morale, blessthefall, and Like Moths to Flames. They also played the final Warped tour in the summer of 2018.

Picturesque has kept busy along with all the touring, they released a sassy single called "Dead Flowers," as well as some covers over the course of this year.

There will be plenty to look forward to from them, the unique tone of Hollis' voice can convey so much passion and angst, the sky seems to be the limit, the same could be said for his vocal range.

Be sure to check out Picturesqe and let us know your favorite tracks by them!