Replay Band Of The Week: Oh, Weatherly

Oh, Weatherly is a rock band from Texas, gearing up for their forthcoming fall tour, opening for Mayday Parade. The band exudes high-energy and catchy unforgettable tracks, making them this week's replay band.

Oh, Weatherly has an extensive list of released music, from their two EP's, Long Nights and Heavy Hearts (2016) and Make You Bright (2017.) The band even release a deluxe version of their debut EP, Long Nights and Heavy Hearts, which included acoustic tracks along with commentary.

The band just recently released their debut LP, Lips Like Oxygen, in July of 2018. The new record feels like an extension of the band's first EP's in a great way. Lips Like Oxygen is cleaner and crisper then Long Night and Heavy Hearts but still manages to keep that original upbeat rock aura showcases in it. This keeps listeners coming back for more.

Tracks like "The Worst Time," pushes out a sound of confidence, lyrics seem to roll off the tongue and the melody is diverse compared to other tracks found on the record.

Another higlighted track would be single "Here Tonight," the track kicks off the album as anthem, with lustful lyrics that make you feel connected to the song. "Here Tonight" is the perfect intro to a great album.

Check out Oh, Weatherly's new record and let us know which tracks you have on repeat.

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