Replay Band of The Week: Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan is a pop-punk band from MI, the band has done a fair share of touring in support of bands such as Knuckle Puck, Homesafe and is currently on tour with Seaway and Trophy Eyes.

So what makes Hot Mulligan our replay band? Well, everything. Each single the band releases has an addicting factor, their stage presence is unforgettable to the point where you'll be searching their set list as soon as they hop off stage.

The band has 4 EPs, Fenton (2015,) Honest & Cunning (2015,) Split EP (2016) and Opportunities (2017,) along with one full-length album, Pilot (2018.)

Each EP shows incredible growth from the last one, Fenton features the vigorously catchy "Buy A Fire Extinguisher Before You Need A Fire," along with its acoustic rendition. Honest & Cunning includes "I'm Turning To O-Positive," a track with an instant hype intro and a harmonious melody throughout.

Yet their Split EP, has quite the gem titled, "Shaylee, Shanel," the track plays out serenely with smooth transitions into a harder hitting chorus, fans have been itching to hear live.

When making your way through Opportunities you'll find single, "Dary," a song with an attention getting intro and catchy chorus, but you'll also find "Something About A Bunch Of Dead Dogs," the song carries out passionate vocals, controlled screams alongside music that doesn't quit. This track truly showcases what Hot Mulligan is capable of.

Finally, on the band's first full-length record, Pilot, you'll find "How Do You Know It's Not Armadillo Shells?" this track stands out among the rest of the Pilot record because its lyrics play out almost like a rap, fast paced while giving a feeling of being relatable. The music plays softly in the background and progresses slightly throughout, it's unique quality draws you in and makes it one you'll leave on repeat for days.

Still not convinced that Hot Mulligan is your replay band? Check out Pilot, then get back to us.

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