Replay Band Of The Week: Dream State

Let's talk about Dream State for a hot second.

Dream State is a hardcore band led by female vocalist, CJ Gilpin, hailing from South Wales, known for Gilpin's blistering and powerful vocals. They're still relatively new as a band.

Their first EP called Consequences, came out in 2015. They are beginning to rack up some momentum now in the hardcore scene and it will be exciting to see what they are able to accomplish over the next few years.

Dream State flew mostly under the radar until the release of their single "White Lies" (2017)

"White Lies" is an extremely potent song about battling with addiction and how it affects more people than just the addict. With millions of plays on Spotify and other mediums, it's safe to call it Dream State's breakout single.

What fans have come to appreciate so much about CJ Gilpin is the fact that she holds nothing back, the whole song is emotionally raw and relentless. Ripping out "Stay with me," through the bridge, she cements herself as a true power player among current female rock vocalists. She happens also happens to be a queen at hair flips, the most magnificent one is at about 3:44.

Dream State followed up their viral single with a few others: the desperate and gritty "In This Hell", and the more hopeful "New Waves", before compiling their releases over the past year into 2018's five song Recovery EP.

"In This Hell" within seconds of starting showcases, that Dream State can bring it with their heavy sound. Driven by Gilpin's signature screams and an explosive full band, "In This Hell" continues the lyrical narrative of mental battles and feeling trapped inside one's own head.

The rest of Recovery never stops for a breath, every track is up-tempo and aggressive. Their lyrical abilities do not disappoint either, they show that they can take a step back from the darkness of "In This Hell" to the uplifting "Solace", where Giplin belting the word

"And I won't let you fall apart/Nothing that they said was true from the start/and everything will be okay/this is your life/this is your time."

Definitely ones to watch, Dream State brings their unique style into the arena of hardcore music with an emphasis that is not to be ignored. No word yet on when to expect a full length album, but it will certainly create huge 'new waves' whenever it drops.

Let us know what your favorite Dream State song is!