Replay Band Of The Week: Broadside

Broadside is a pop-punk band on Victory Records with a hook-heavy sound and memorable lyrics.

The band has 2 full-length albums, Old Bones (2015,) and Paradise (2017.) Each record showcases catchy singles from "Coffee Talk," to "Paradise" and other tracks to take note of in between.

"Come And Go" is a track to take note of on Old Bones. The song rolls through an up-beat melody and storytelling lyrics, exuding a unique element.

Another Old Bones gem is "Damaged Kids," this track embodies a hype component from the second the song hits. Easily making this one of your replay songs.

As you make your way through Broadside's Paradise, you'll come across "Miss Imperius." This song manifests clever transitions and flirtatious lyrics making it addictive. You'll have this track on your repeat list in no time.

Still not convinced that Broadside is your next replay band? Listen to Paradise below and get back to us.

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