Our Warped Tour Survival Guide

The last cross country Vans Warped Tour is upon us. This festival has always been something to look forward to during the whole year. Cherished memories are made from summers at Warped Tour. So whether it's your first or 50th time attending, here are some survival tips to get you through the day.

Surviving Warped Tour starts with packing the essentials. First, don't forget your tickets and cash. For everytime someone in the group has had a scare thinking they needed to return home to grab their ticket or money is leaving the rest at risk of missing some of their favorite bands!

Secondly, you are going to want to bring a drawstring or light backpack to keep all of your essentials. Including cool merch and freebies that you'll be scooping up all day. Perhaps the most crucial item to bring is a water bottle. Being in direct sunlight for hours on end can take a toll on you, meaning you'll need stay hydrated. There are always plenty of hydration stations to refill your bottle. Keep in mind most venues will only let you bring in an empty bottle or one that is sealed. You could also buy a bottle of water at the venue, at top dollar.

SPF is another critical item to bring. Heads up; some venues will not let you bring in aeresol cans of sunscreen, at the risk of the can exploding. Sometimes you can get so caught up in the excitement of the event that you forget to eat, packing a snack such as a protein bar or almonds, can prevent you from passing out.

Sunglasses can be a good idea, advising not to bring your favorites or an expensive pair at the risk of them getting lost or crushed in a mosh pit. You may also want to bring aspirin or ibuprofen, being in the sun combined with being around blaring loud music almost always guarantees you a headache.

Markers or pens are essential for mapping out your day or getting autographs from your favorite artists and bands. Baby wipes in a zip baggie are also a smart idea because they are multi-use. You can wipe any part of yourself down if you start to feel too gross or sweaty. 

The reason you attend Warped Tour is not simply to survive, but to have a blast. Here are some “to dos” to help you get the most out of your Warped experience.

Every Warped Tour there is a big board with the artist’s set times and stages. Taking a picture and making a schedule out on your phone with the artists you'd like to see, the set times and which stage they’re playing, gets you where you need to be on time. Making that tough decision between bands you'd love to see can be heart wrenching. Prioritize will make the choice easier. Which band have you seen more times? Is there a new song they'll play that you'd really want to hear? A new set list is presented every date so there is no way to pre-plan what your schedule will look like.

Do bring your positive mental attitude. Being out in the sun standing isn’t an ideal situation but think of all of the bands to see and people to meet. Another do is to agree on a meeting spot to reconvene with your friends that way someone’s phone dies or they get lost no one will get left behind. 

The Warped Tour experience can be life-changing.  Although this will be the last cross-country tour the memories and stories will live on in our hearts. Hopefully these survival tips will make the most of your experience at Warped or any all day fest this year. 

Which date will you be attending on the last cross-country run? Let us know!