Our Top 8 Fresh Sounds of 2018

Along with our favorite megastar bands like Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco, there is still an overwhelming amount of new and fresh talent out there. We put together a list of our favorite EPs and albums that came from them this year.

1.) Elbow Room - Constant Mistake

This EP dropped on October 12, and it's not something to be looked over. ER's sound is crisp and clear with smooth yet strong vocals accompanied by mixed screams. Bet sure to check out this full EP.


The Sonder Bombs experiment with multiple different elements throughout the tracks on, MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR, which dropped Oct. 12. This makes listening to this album exciting. The band has a distinct sound that they warp from song to song keeping you on your toes. You'll be completely submerged in what they're putting out. Lead vocalist, Willow Hawks, has a delicate but extremely strong voice that will give you goosebumps as you listen. Hear the full album now.

3.) Twice On Tuesday- Lost At Home

Lost At Home dropped on June 15 and it's exactly what every pop-punk fan needs to hear. TOT is a band with clear musical chemistry and they know how to execute that properly. Be sure to listen to the full EP.

4.) High Visions- Passerby

High Visions released their Passerby EP on Aug. 17. Being from the U.K. gives this band a unique charm. Their sound is well polished and this EP shows diversity within their tracks,

not one song sounds like the other. Be sure to listen to the full EP now.

5.) Never Home- Never Home

Never Home dropped their self-title EP back on June 22. Each track on this EP plays out like a anthem. The power behind the vocals makes you feel like you relate to every song, even if you don't. Single "State Line" is has the element of a perfect pop-punk song, with transitions in tempo and a sense of nostalgia in the lyrics. Listen to the full EP to find your next favorite band.

8.) 54 Reasons- Your Mother's Favorite Band

This EP dropped on Oct. 16, and gives you an early 2000s pop-punk aura. Each song is fast paced, until reaching "L.V.R" gives off a refreshing acoustic sound to set itself apart from the rest of the album. Be sure to listen to the full EP.

7.) When Thieves Are About- We're Literally Almost There

We're Literally Almost There dropped on May 4, it's that fast paced punk-rock album that you've been looking for. The record is full of, guitar solos, hook-friendly melodies and drums that won't quit. The vocals like featured in "Singe," are the perfect mesh of clean and screamo, leaving you wanting more from When Thieves Are About. Be sure to listen to full record now.

8.) Cabin Pressure - My Name You Mention

My Name You Mention was released on Sept. 6. This EP has a callow sound, with raw vocals and clear music it makes for a balanced sound. Listen to the full EP now.

Honorable Mention

A Better Hand

This band only released two new tracks this year, "Clear Your Conscience" and "Stick Around." Both songs are well-oiled pop-punk tracks that need some recognition. We can't wait to see what this band has in store for 2019.

Listen To all Eps/albums mentioned below and be sure to let us who your favorite fresh sound of 2018 is!