Our Top 6 All Time Low Tracks

The Baltimore boys, All Time Low have been pop punk icons since their first EP in 2006. Over the years, they have been steadily making their way to the top while still maintaining a close relationship with their fans and bringing many people across the world together through their music. Being an All Time Low fan for almost a decade and seeing them a dozen times live, it is hard to choose their top tracks. ATL has six studio albums so here's our favorite track from each record.

6.) "Dear Maria, Count Me In" - So Wrong, It's Right

All Time Low ends every one of their shows with this song. Even if you are not a fan of the band, you know the words of this classic because of emo night and all the pop punk playlists on Spotify.

5.) "Lost In Stereo" - Nothing Personal

Throughout the song, a girl is described that is being consumed by the music around her. With the lyrics "She works for the weekend/Mixtape of her favorite bands/Tearin' up the radio/Lost in the stereo's sound," it lays out the story for the listener and varying speeds throughout the song.

4.)"Heroes" - Dirty Work

As a track off of their underrated album Dirty Work, "Heroes" is catchy and high energy. It starts out with the lyrics "Not gonna miss you when you're dead and gone/Not gonna talk about you over and over and over/Not gonna find you under latest nostalgia, not happily ever after" to create this scream at the top of your lungs anthem.

3.) "So Long, and Thanks For All The Booze" - Don't Panic

The title of this track is a reference to a line in Douglas Adams' series of comic sci-fi books and comedy TV series, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - "So Long, and thanks for all the fish." Closing out their 2012 record Don't Panic is a farewell to those that have done us wrong and tried to steer us in the wrong direction.

2.) "Old Scars/Future Hearts" - Future Hearts

This song has screaming from rooftops worthy lyrics. Specifically "I won't fade away/Be forgotten or just cast away/This life is mine to live" are uplifting and encouraging.

1.) "Afterglow" - Last Young Renegade

As the closing track of Last Young Renegade, "Afterglow" has turned into an anthem to remind one to not rush and live in the moment. "We ain't got nowhere to go/Caught up in the afterglow/Oh, just take it easy/Hold onto this feeling" describe that idea perfectly.

What are your favorite All Time Low tracks? Let us know!