Our Top 10 Favorite Say Anything Tracks

Recently rock band, Say Anything, announced their departure from music. As much as that bums us out, we have Oliver Appropriate, SA’s last record and sequel to ..Is A Real Boy, to look forward to. In honor of the new record and end of the band we collaborated a list of our top 10 favorite SA tracks.

10.) “Do Better” - Say Anything

“Do Better” is the third track on the band’s self-titled record. The song’s lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and memorable. The track is mellow yet brisk, keeping listeners on their toes. - Tabitha Timms

9.) “A Walk Through Hell” – Menorah/Majora

Another powerful ballad in the SA discography, this track pulls imagery of someone who will do absolutely anything for the person that they hold most dear, going as far as walking through Hell and having the flames burn through their shoes just to bring their lover home. - Carly Stuber

8.)“Nibble Nibble (featuring Tom DeLonge and Sherri Dupree-Bemis)” - Hebrews

Although this track has a dark metaphor of child molestation and the person trying to commit such a crime getting murdered by the child they’re attempting to molest. The atmosphere of "Nibble, Nibble" is a feeling of conquering a atrocious situation. - Tabitha Timms

7.) “Cemetery” – Say Anything

“Cemetery” is the ninth track off of the band’s self titled album. Featuring guest vocals from

Max’s wife, Sherri, this song is a haunting ballad that showcases true love can ease the fear of growing old and even death. - Carly Stuber

6.) “Shiksa (Girlfriend)” - In Defense Of The Genre

All of Say Anything’s tracks have a unique meaning behind them, with this track - it has a more light-hearted upbeat aura. Listeners may want to keep it that way rather than look for an underlying meaning. - Tabitha Timms

5.) “Less Cute” - Say Anything

A song written in the perspective of a female, showcases creativity and rarity of a SA track. Not to mention, “Less Cute,” is one danceable, loveable song. - Tabitha Timms

4.) “Admit It Again” – Anarchy, My Dear

The fourth track off of Anarchy, My Dear is a clear callback to the final track of …Is A Real Boy, “Admit It!!!." While “Admit It Again” is slightly more mellow than its predecessor, it still delivers the same attitude toward the “hipster” movement. - Carly Stuber

3.) “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” - ...Is A Real Boy

From the iconic phone-ringing to the lustful lyrics, “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” speaks for itself on it’s placement on this list. Although Lead Vocalist, Max Bemis, respectfully retired the track from being played live due to the overwhelming amount of sexual assault allegations this year, it still has a special place in our hearts.

2.) “Every Man Has A Molly” - …Is A Real Boy

Track nine of …Is A Real Boy is a scathing fictional narrative about the aftermath of a breakup that involved “Molly” leaving the narrator because of some of the content in his songs. This track explores the intense depression that is often seen post-relationship. - Carly Stuber

1.) “Alive With The Glory Of Love” - …Is A Real Boy

As the lead single off of the band’s debut album, this song has stood the test of time. A true fan favorite, this track is said to be (very) loosely based off of Max’s grandparents. This hard hitting tune paints a picture of two people in a relationship during the Holocaust. - Carly Stuber

Did your favorite Say Anything track not make the list? Let us know!