Our Top 10 Favorite Nostalgic Tracks

Have you ever heard a song or seen a music video that brings you back to the middle school days of being "emo" or "scene." Where everyone had long hair or teased it up? We sure have. Here's a list dedicated to just those songs.

10.) "Heartbeat" - Stereo Skyline

Stereo Skyline was a perfect mix of pop/alternative, "Heartbeat" appealed to all types of music fans because even though it was very pop, it still delivered a bit of an edge that fans old and new couldn't get a enough of. The band hasn't been active since 2011 but we'll always remember them.

9.) "Stuttering" - The Friday Night Boys

It's hard to narrow down one song by The Friday Night Boys that captures all of their nostalgia. They are the perfect mix of pop and punk back in the day. They stopped being active back in 2010 and dropped their Everything You Ever Wanted: The B-Sides in 2011, and it delivers just that to The Friday Night Boys fan base. The band to reunited to play So What Musical Festival in Dallas in March 2017, we still hope for more from the band one day.

8.) "Take A Step Back" - Every Avenue

Every Avenue produces great track one after another, especially with their 2008 LP, Shh, Just Go With It. The band was said to have been on hiatus... but that was back in 2012. The band's twitter account has noticeably likes tweets that mentions them recently, here's to hoping we get something new from them soon.

7.) "Mr. Right" - A Rocket To the Moon

Or just the entire 2009, On Your Side record, A Rocket To The Moon Produced catchy songs with lyrics to connect to your little emotional soul at the time. They broke our hearts announcing their departure from music in 2013, but still brought some hope to fans when reuniting for a one-off show for The Maine's 8123 Fest in 2017.

6.) "She's A Lady" - Forever The Sickest Kids

Forever the Sickest Kids broke the mold with their 2008 record, Underdog Alma Mater, the album is full of tracks including "Believe Me, I'm Lying," "Hey Brittany" and "Whoa Oh! (Me Vs Everyone),' although FTSK is still together we haven't heard new music from them since their record J.A.C.K released in 2013.

5.) "Homecoming" - Hey Monday

Hey Monday was a rarity, all their songs were catchy and the band had a like-able

quality. It was a shame to see them break-up in 2011. Although lead vocalist, Cassadee Pope did go on to win NBC's, 'The Voice,' and have a very successful singing career in country, we'll always miss Hey Monday.

4.) "Curse Of Curves" - Cute Is What We Aim For

"Curse Of Curves," is a track that you can hear the intro to just by looking at the title. We're very happy that Cute Is What We Aim For just recently announced a tour for this fall, even though the group lost all of the original members besides lead vocalist, Shaant Hacikyan and haven't released a new record since Rotation in 2010. We're all very excited to see what's to come from the band.

3.) "Coffee Shop Soundtrack" - All Time Low

All Time Low has many classic songs, from "Six Feet Under The Stars" to "Dear Maria, Count Me In," but nothing hits our nostalgic switch like "Coffee Shop Soundtrack," the song bleeds 2007. Whether its lead Vocalist's, Alex Gaskarth's hair, or the overall early 2000's aura of pop-punk, earning its spot on the list.

2.) "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" - Panic! At The Disco

"But how could it not be I Write Sins!," because this isn't a list of iconic, classic tracks. This is dedicated to songs that we can pin point the exact moment, time and place we heard or saw the video. "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" does just that.

1.) "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy" - Fall Out Boy

This track throws it way back to 2003, yet became relevant in our lives around 2007 and opened up the door for to other groundbreaking pop-punk bands. From the a capella intro to the vigorous chorus the song is perfection. We could write a love letter to Fall Out Boy, but that's another piece. For now, let's just respect this masterpiece of a song.

Honorable Mention:

"Guilty Pleasure" - Cobra Starship

Cobra Starship did wonders in the music scene, from there massive collaboration on "Snakes On A Plane" and giving us memorable shows. "Guilty Pleasure" makes it on here as an honorable mention, because we still do the 2007 homemade video's dance at Emo Night.

What's your favorite song of nostalgia? Be sure to let us know!

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